Virtual Patent Marking

RH invests substantial resources protecting the intellectual property associated with its distinctive designs. Pursuant to section 287(a) of the U.S. Patent Act, the following table associates each of RH's patented products with its respective U.S. patent number. This page provides notice under 35 U.S.C. § 287(a).

RH Product Name Associated U.S.
Patent Number
French Column Glass Table Lamp D690,456
Loire Architectural Railing Sconce D678,590
Brittany Architectural Railing Sconce D673,713
Lorraine Architectural Railing Sconce D678,591
Wine Barrel 2-Tier Chandelier D660,499
Empire Rosette Sleigh Bed with Footboard D660,613
Empire Rosette Sleigh Bed without Footboard D665,189
Heirloom Silver – Chest Coffee Trunk D665,194
Chesterfield Fabric Sleigh Bed with Footboard D673,386
Provence Bucket Armchair D664,782
Provence Classic Chaise D651,012
Provence Classic Lounge Chair D663,966
Provence Classic Sofa D663,967
Soho Tufted Sofa D687,235
Soho Tufted Armless Sofa D685,200
Soho Tufted Chaise D686,008
Soho Tufted One Arm Sofa D685,202
Distressed Ionic Capital Coffee Table D703,981
French Column Glass Swing-Arm Table Lamp D732,221
Belgian Track Arm Slipcovered Sofa D692,249
Belgian Classic Slope Arm Slipcovered Sofa D691,825
Belgian Wingback Upholstered Sofa D692,250
Belgian Shelter Arm Slipcovered Sofa D677,924
Belgian Classic Roll Arm Slipcovered Sofa D688,485
Belgian Roll Arm Slipcovered Sofa D688,486
Industrial Tool Chest Sideboard D667,653
1950s Dutch Shipyard Triple Shelving D674,214
Flatiron Rectangular Dining Table D674,217
French Académie Panel Bed With Footboard D660,046
Industrial Tool Chest 4-Door Media D667,654
Morgan Shelter Arm Fabric Armchair D807,067
Morgan Barrelback Fabric Armchair D807,066
Emery Shelter Arm Fabric Armchair D814,810
Italia Slope Arm Sofa D811,111
Modena Chesterfield Sofa With Tufted Seat D811,110
Italia Shelter Arm Sofa D814,207
Italia Chesterfield Sofa With Tufted Seat D814,206
Clodagh Armchair D839,624
Havana Classic Lounge Chair D840,702
RH Outdoor Clodagh Chaise Lounge D891,801
RH Outdoor Clodagh Lounge Chair D871,092
Clodagh Sofa D843,748
RH Outdoor Clodagh Ottoman D853,138
RH Outdoor Clodagh Sectional D853,141
Machinist Lamp D892,385
Machinist Lamp D892,386
Machinist Lamp D877,406
Machinist Lamp D893,086
Tuolon Lantern D861,200
Wyeth Collection Bamboo Dresser D889,886
Wyeth Collection Bamboo Dresser D867,791
Wyeth Collection Bamboo Nightstand D866,224
Wyeth Collection Bamboo Dresser D862,135
Cosimo Side Table D870,500
Cosimo Coffee Table D870,499
Havana Chaise Lounge Chair D880,882
Havana Chaise Lounge Chair D859,872
Havana Arm Chair D854,847
Havana Arm Chair D855,344
Havana Day Bed D853,144
Wyeth Bamboo Floating Platform Bed D845,022
Clodagh Sectional D843,749
Morency Lantern D897,016
Wyeth Split Bamboo Rectangular Dining Table D896,012
Wyeth Split Bamboo Round Dining Table D897,747
Greystone Chair D927,876
Greystone Sofa D927,877
T-Brace Round End Table D915,804
T-Brace Rectangular End Table D922,111
T-Brace Round Coffee Table D915,805
T-Brace Rectangular Coffee Table D922,112
T-Brace Square Coffee Table D922,113
T-Brace Console D922,114
T-Brace Round Dining Table D915,806
T-Brace Rectangular Dining Table D922,115
Cayden Trunk Coffee Table D924,611
Cayden Rectangular Coffee Table D929,783
Cayden 2-Door Cabinet D922,803
Cayden 4-Door Cabinet D922,804
Cayden Sideboard D925,951
Cayden Console D924,612
Cayden Bed D937,026
Cayden Nightstand D922,805
Cayden Dresser D925,253
Cayden Vanity D925,254
19th C. Quatrefoil Iron Bed with Footboard D690,527
Aperture Rectangular Mirror Patent Pending
Aperture Square Mirror Patent Pending
Artisan Leather iPad Cover D706,783
Artisan Leather iPad Cover with Bluetooth Keyboard D707,229
Caicos Modular Sofa D968,836
Caicos Teak Chaise D958,556
Caicos Teak Coffee Table Patent Pending
Cast-Iron Barn Door Trolley Pendant D674,535
Display Case D552,374
French Factory Metal Desk D677,933
French Wing Fabric Bed with Footboard D660,045
Fulcrum Linear Chandelier Patent Pending
Fulcrum Pendant Patent Pending
Fulcrum Table Lamp Patent Pending
Ice Round Side Table Patent Pending
Ice Square Side Table Patent Pending
Laurel Armchair Patent Pending
Laurel Chaise Patent Pending
Laurel Lounge Chair and Sofa D972,853
Laurel Table Patent Pending
Laurel Dining Chair D969,512
Malta Lounge Chair Patent Pending
Malta Teak Armchair Patent Pending
Malta Teak Chaise D960,595
Malta Teak Rectangular Dining Table Patent Pending
Malta Teak Side Chair Patent Pending
Malta Teak Side Table Patent Pending
Malta Teak Sofa Patent Pending
Malta Sofa D966,729
Pavona Armchair Patent Pending
Pavona Chaise Patent Pending
Pavona Lounge Chair Patent Pending
Pavona Sofa Patent Pending
Pavona Dining Chair Patent Pending
Pearl Linear Chandelier Patent Pending
Pearl Pendant Patent Pending
Reyes Lounge Chair D969,511
Rope Filament Round Chandelier D687,589
Rope Filament Square Chandelier D688,409
Savile Chandelier Patent Pending
Savile Cube Sconce Patent Pending
Savile Grand Rectangular Sconce Patent Pending
Savile Grand Round Sconce Patent Pending
Savile Linear Pendant Patent Pending
Savile Rectangular Linear Sconce Patent Pending
Savile Round Floor Lamp Patent Pending
Savile Round Linear Sconce Patent Pending
Savile Round Pendant Patent Pending
Savile Round Table Lamp Patent Pending
Savile Square Floor Lamp Patent Pending
Savile Square Pendant Patent Pending
Savile Square Table Lamp Patent Pending
Savile Square-Flush Mount Patent Pending
Starry Light Snowglobe D757,988
TV Easel D686,420
Vicomte Linear Sconce D940,378
Vicomte Outdoor Sconce Patent Pending
Vicomte Pendant D939,130
Vicomte Sconce D939,757
Vietri Chaise Patent Pending
Vietri Lounge Chair and Sofa D972,852
Vietri Side Table Patent Pending
Wine Barrel 6-Arm Chandelier D659,278
Stained Wood Product and Method Patent Pending
RH Guesthouse - Guest Room Layout Patent Pending
RH Guesthouse - Live-Fire Kitchen in Dining Room Patents Pending
RH Guesthouse - Bathroom Vanity in Guest Suites Patent Pending
RH Guesthouse - Headboard in Guest Rooms & Suites Patents Pending
RH Guesthouse - Rooftop Pool & Dining Terrace Patents Pending
RH Guesthouse - Pantry in Guest Rooms & Suites Patent Pending
RH Guesthouse - Gym in Guest Rooms & Suites Patent Pending
RH Guesthouse - Rooftop Daybed Patent Pending
RH Guesthouse - Nightstand Drawers in Guest Rooms & Suites Patents Pending
RH Guesthouse - Sofa in Guest Rooms & Suites Patent Pending
RH Guesthouse - The Champagne & Caviar Patent Pending
RH One Exterior Patent Pending
RH One Interior Cabin D977,268
RH One Interior Horizontal Wood Grain Paneling Patent Pending
RH One Interior Vertical Wood Grain Paneling D978,549
RH One Interior Tray Patent Pending
RH One Seat Patent Pending
RH One Galley Patent Pending
RH One Lavatory Patent Pending
Cortona Sofa Patent Pending
Cortona Bed Patent Pending
Ellisse Table Patent Pending